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Dog training specializing in anxiety and fear-based reactivity.

Our Approach

A dog-lead training process.

We believe that a dog who learns through clear communication, having their needs met, and fostering a positive state of mind, develops into a dog that makes choices and decisions that are in line with its owner’s desired behaviors.



What We Specialize In

Off-Leash Day Camp

Discounted Packages

Group Classes

1-on-1 Private Lessons

Behavioral Consultations

Not every dog needs training, but every dog deserves training.

After training with Kaitlin, when Athena was injured by a dog in our neighborhood, Athena used the calming tactics she had learned on her own once we arrived at the emergency vet. Athena managed to put herself in a calm emotional state that allowed the vet to treat her wound. Athena continues to demonstrate all the amazing tactics Kaitlin taught us and we are eternally grateful for her. 

- Macie R.

Kaitlin’s love and understanding of dogs is absolutely incredible. Her level of attention and care goes unmatched.  She cared for my two twelve year old labradors for a week. They each have a special diet and need careful attention to their arthritis and aches and pains. Kaitlin literally treated them like family.  She took everything I said seriously and asked specific questions about their needs.

- Elizabeth W


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Phone: 802 -448-4324

Morristown, VT

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