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Our Philosophy 

A dog-lead training process.

A dog-led Training Process

We believe that clear communication and biological fulfillment lead to a confident state of mind. The goal being: training for a dog that makes choices and decisions that align with its owner’s agenda and lifestyle.


It's a dog-led process, in that we have to have patience, awareness, and consideration for your dog, their feelings, and how they are expressing themselves. Emotions are instinct, and rather than suppress our dog's emotional responses to the world, we support the dog through their emotional responses, and guide them to the desired behavior. The ultimate goal of this approach is to foster a calm dog with a positive outlook on the world:

  • Using clear communication and biological fulfillment to develop and nurture a calm, neutral dog.

  • Moving training beyond obedience and management to focusing on a dog’s state of mind and outlook on the world.

  • Combining Animal Behavior science, dog psychology, and neuroscience, to form the emotions-based training philosophy.

By rewarding your dog's choices that are in alignment with your agenda, you prime them to think, act, and feel like the dog you want them to be in the future.

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Training for your dog and your lifestyle

Do you want a dog who:

  • Will come when you call no matter what the distraction is? 

  • Is in a healthy state of emotional stability in all of their interactions with the world? 

  • Makes good choices and stays out of trouble, even when you aren't around?

  • Ends each day feeling happy, satisfied, and biologically fulfilled.

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