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Virtual Training

Discounted Training for Social Distancing

How It Works

WHY?  In order to cooperate with suggested social distancing protocols, I am offering discounted video training sessions to new clients. 


WHERE?  On your computer via video conference.  You will be in your home (or wherever you are safely socially distancing) and I will be in my training space. 


WHO?  Those of you with a dog who is in need of some extra support while they are unable to access the routine to which they have become accustomed.  This also might be right for you if you typically rely heavily on exercising your dog in order to calm them down, but are not able to do so right now due to practicing responsible social distancing. OR maybe you’ve been considering dog training for some time, and now you have more time to do the work to support your dog.


WHAT?  The training method that I practice focuses on helping dogs choose relaxation, without relying on exercise to do so.  I often work with very fearful and reactive dogs, as well as puppies who want to start off on the right foot. This training style is well suited for any rescue dog, but especially one who may have experienced trauma in the past.


HOW?  During the first session I will assess your dog’s current state of mind and your training goals, to develop a training plan for your dog, if you choose to move forward with training. Additionally, we will use this time to further go over my training methodology and any questions you may have. Afterwards I will send you a summary of our call, as well as an outline of a training plan. The first session, the consultation, is free, and subsequent sessions will be offered at a discounted rate. 


WHEN?  We will schedule training sessions around what works for your schedule.  Please use the bookings link below to book a session during an available time period that works for you!


Questions? Please feel free to reach out via email at

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